Life at
The dears
The new “Living Life dears” fulfill your life by not only comprehends and
respects your lifestyle, but also fills up what you lack and hands over
what you need.
dears, which fills an inspiration of daily life through sharing and empathy
of taste, is the place where you can be a protagonist of your life.
  • dears Myeongdong

    STAY S

    dears Myeongdong’s sophisticated room is decorated with modern facilities for
    comfortable accommodation and spaces for relaxation.
    Please enjoy rest in the city with an amazing view of Namsan Mountain and Hanok Village.
  • dears Myeongdong

    STAY L

    A long-term room in ‘dears Myeongdong’ which is compact and practical, is an independent
    space that allows you to focus on your work, rest, and your whole daily life.
    Experience in ‘dears Myeongdong’, the place where you can be a main
    character of hotel life with various living services,
dears Myeongdong


A day, that starts with coffee and ends with a glass of wine.
“dears Myeongdong“ offers you a variety of spaces to spend
the day depending on your mood.
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    Lounge S
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dears Myeongdong


Living a day like my home, living a year like traveling,
Don’t miss the ‘Experience Beyond Expectations’ that “dears Myeongdong” suggests.
Toegye-ro 176, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea